Perschya Chehrazi

Soulful vocals, poetic lyrics and a sound somewhere between Singer/Songwriter, Indie and Pop: Perschya Chehrazi's music is a lucky bag full of tunes displaying the sensitive and emotional side of its eponym.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you possess, but whom you embrace tightly. Perschya's Song "Altklug und Geschwätz", the title track of one of his EPs, tackles loneliness, love and the desire to feel loved.

Perschya Chehrazi's soulful rendition of his song "Gegen Den Strom Hinbewegend" (moving against the current) was the second song we filmed in our session with him. The track deals with the integrity of musicians in the age of a music industry and the choice of going against the mainstream, even if that means less financial gain.

Just a voice and a guitar. Perschya and his song "Verrecken Im Rausch" were featured in our very first "Hidden Stage" in January of 2018. An intimate, emotional performance was the result.

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