Nora Beisel

Songwriter Nora Beisel from Cologne charmingly introduces herself and her band, composed of drummer Sebastian and vibraphonist Felix, and gives some insight into her songwriting process and the thoughts behind her songs "Lied der Nacht" and "Greta und Du".

"Lied der Nacht" (The Night's Song) was written by Nora at - you guessed it - nighttime during a full moon. The song is a hopeful piece about not being afraid of the dark just because that's what we're used to be - because "alles ist gut" (all is well).

"Greta und Du" is the second song we recorded with Nora and her band at Atelier Siegele. It's a song about unexpected passion, overcoming shame and, yes, about intercourse. Accompanied by her band, Nora Beisel delivers a heartfelt performance.

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