Luna&Lewis was formed in 2014, while Laura Volk and Jeremy Heiß were both studying at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Their charming duo is an unusual constellation which conquers the audience's heads and ears with atmospheric vocals and melodious bass lines. The unique sound texture they create is a fascinating combination of melancholy, a hint of pop and acoustic jazz influences.

The earth revolving around itself is probably one of the concepts most difficult to grasp for the human mind. The results of this motion, the existence of gravity, the sun rising and setting, are ordinary natural phenomena which we rarely connect with the aforementioned fact. Luna&Lewis' gorgeous tune does exactly that in beautifully dreamy fashion.

Groovy double bass, syncopic and percussive guitar patterns and a soulful female voice make Luna&Lewis' "How It Goes" a jazzy uptempo song about the one topic most songs are written about.

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