Juampi Velez

Juampi Velez is a young singer/songwriter from Ecuador, currently studying in Darmstadt, Germany. His songs are sweet, life affirming tunes which give you this feeling that everything will be okay in the end. One of the prime examples of this phenomenon is "Ver El Mar", a song about hoping that everything is going to be alright, and seeing the sea again.

The second song from our session with Juampi, "Walk In The Woods", was especially fun to record. Using the Limo Lounge's projector, we tried to embrace the lyrical topics of the song: enjoying the moment because things can change quickly, and surrounded Juampi with the visuals of an autumnal forest.

To round out our session we got to ask the artist some questions. How can the game Guitar Hero change an aspiring musician's life forever? What made him put down the electronic and pick up the acoustic guitar? Who inspired him in the past and to this day? Have a chat with Juampi Velez and find out!

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