Flourishless are Paul and Phillip, a bass and a tenor from Mannheim. Their song "Looking At The Walls" reflects a passage of Paul's life when he felt stuck, stagnant, like his life was going nowhere. To cope with his emotional state and finally move on he sat down at 2 AM in his room, which was only illuminated by a small lamp pointing at the wall, and started writing this exact tune.

"Bandstillstand" - when love gives way to routine, what's left? Flourishless' second song at OHA Osthang tells a story of a couple stuck in monotony, still holding on to the last glimmer of hope to find a solution for their problems.

We sat down with Flourishless and had a little chat about their origin story, why most of their songs are written at night, their goals and ambitions and a lot more. And beyond that, Phillip tells a joke at the end. Spoiler alert: It's terrible.

Every three months, we organize Five Finger Sessions in Concert, an event where living room atmosphere, multiple artists, and a large (but responsive) audience meet. The first installment of "...in Concert" featured, among others, our dear friends Flourishless. The last song of their set, "Farthest We Could Go", is about finishing on a high note, stopping whilst everything is still fine; is there a better way to finish a concert?

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