Electric Horseman

Electric Horseman is a psychedelic folk-rock band from Darmstadt. Starting out as a guitar duo, the band quickly grew adding a drummer and a bassist. In 2018, they released their first EP: "Arrival". We tried to match the feeling of summer their songs often emanate and chose Datterich Klause as the location of our recording, a beautiful garden right next to Darmstadt station.

Californian sun, the beach, a slight breeze - summer vibes are omnipresent in "New Air". Written by Andy about his time in Ireland, the song deals with letting go of the things that keep you down and starting something new.

Electric Horseman's "Broken Times" tackles the topic of a has-been-relationship and the craving to go back to those times. Accompanied by drum fills and guitar solos, the band shows a different facet of their music, specifically compared to our first release with them, "New Air."

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