Club Flor de Maio

Nadja Lea Letzgus and Hanna Sikasa introduce their project "Club Flor de Maio": Pop mixed with Jazz, Afro and Brazil paired with their soulful voices and smooth instrumentation. The singers give insights into how it all started and also explain the meaning of their songs "Of Kings And Queens" and "Vim De Longe".

Nadja Lea Letzgus' and Hanna Sikasa's beautiful voices and harmonies build the foundation of "Vim de Longe", a track bursting with Portuguese vibes. The message: Leaving a place doesn't have to be bad because you carry it with yourself and can always come back.

When Hanna Sikasa and Nadja Lea Letzgus were working on their first album as Club Flor de Maio, "Laya", they had to come up with quite a lot of songs. This meant the perfect opportunity for Hanna to finish the fairy tale piece she had always wanted to write: "Of Kings and Queens".

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