Astra van Nelle & der lorbeerstorch

A voice, a guitar, a cajon - what sounds like just another Singer/Songwriter-Setup is the foundation of Astra van Nelle & der lorbeerstorch's acoustic punk machine. Astra's lyrics brim over with critical remarks about society's contradictions, whereas the lorbeerstorch's cajon sounds like a steaming drum set-truck straight out of Mad max. Obviously, we had to record our little interview in front of an old steam train.

AvNudl's "Meinetwegen" denunciates those who are anti just for the sake of being anti. Recorded between two old steam trains, the duo gives a passionate statement for substance over style. As for me, you can do whatever you like, but if you do it this way...

"Aufrichtig Sein" (being sincere) is an older Song by AvNudl. When Astra noticed a hypocritical person in his proximity, he was not only inclined to write a song about them, it also marked the end of a period when he just couldn't finish a song.

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